Steampunk Parasols and the Fine Art of Parasol Duelling


Parasol duelling is somewhat similar to the rather uncouth but commonly known game of rock, paper, scissors. It can be played almost anywhere with enough room to wield a parasol. Some ladies have a smaller parasol for such occasions where space is limited. Any easily manoeuvrable and preferably steampunk parasol will be perfect and still keep the sun off your face on a warm summers day.

The rules are explained in more detail in the demonstration video below. No doubt some practice is required to elegantly and seamlessly move through the figures, you wouldn’t want to tussle your hair lest your hat fall right off.

For brevity sake here is a basic idea to follow along with the video;

Plant – rock

Twirl – paper

Snub – scissors

The plant is much like it sounds it is planting the parasol in the ground in front of you. The twirl is twirling the parasol over your shoulder. Lastly the snub is opening the parasol out in front of you as if to snub your opponent, or anyone else worthy of a snub.

Parasol Duelling demonstration at the 2015 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Created in Canada it is now played all over the world. The original rules can be found here. For more parasol Duelling competition go to the facebook group of Madame Saffron Hemlock’s Parasol Duelling league for Steampunk ladies

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