Second Life Steampunk: For Virtual Steampunk Adventures.

Disclaimer – Second life is an Adults Only game

Bring your first life love of Steampunk to second life. Tired of waiting for the next convention? Well anytime can be steampunk time in second life.

For those of us without the budget for cosplay second life can be a wonderful option for exploring the steampunk aesthetic of Victorian England. There is fantastic steampunk fashion and many exciting user created places to explore.

Second life is a user created game where you create the content, with glorious clothing and amazing locations all created by talented creatives just like yourself. Anything you can imagine you can build in second life and best of all you can sign up for free.

Second life is always changing with old things disappearing and new things being built all the time. We will try to keep these links up to date but sadly some of them may come and go.

Here are some of the beautiful steampunk locations for you to explore. You must be logged into the game for these links to work.


Caledon Oxbridge is a beautiful university for new comers to second life, to the learn the basics in stunning victorian style.

New Babbage

Dark and foggy with lots of buildings to explore even take a tram ride or have dinner at the Brunel hall hotel and restaurant.

Steelhead Bay

Want to look the part? Time to go shopping! Second life has a real world currency called lindens, yes you heard that right you can buy and sell linden dollars and cash out them out for real money.

Here are some shops that make and sell steampunk fashion;

Cog & Fleur


Jinn Pow Kinn Steampunk Village

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