Wondrous Steampunk Events From Around The Globe


All dressed and no place to go? Listed below are some of the major Steampunk events from around the world.

United States

Steampunk Worlds Fair – Radisson and Embassy Suites of Piscataway, New Jersey.

Steampunk Worlds Fair Facebook

Telsacon -Marriott West in Middleton Wiscosnin.

Teslacon Facebook

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention – Tucson, Arizona.

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention Facebook

Cogs and Corsets – Bloomington, Illinois.

Cogs and Corsets Facebook

The Enchanted City Troy, NY.

The Enchanted City Facebook

Wild West Steamfest – Heritage Museum, Orange County

Wild West Steamfest Facebook


Grand Canadian Steampunk ExpositionNiagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition Facebook

Coldwater Steampunk Festival – Coldwater, Ontario

Coldwarter Steampunk Festival Facebook

United Kingdom

The Asylum Steampunk Festival – Lincoln, UK.

Crewe Steampunk Convivial – Crewe, UK

New Zealand

Steampunk NZ festival – Oamaru, New Zealand.

Steampunk NZ Facebook


Iron Fest – Lithgow, NSW, Australia.

Iron Fest Facebook

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