Victorian Era Shoes – For Stylish Steampunk Ladies

Victorian ShoesWhen putting together the perfect Steampunk or Victorian cosplay costume you could be joyously toiling away for months. Collecting all manner of items and embellishments to bring your style and vision to life. But alas the one thing you can not really make for yourself are Victorian era shoes. 

The Victorian’s certainly had more than one style of shoe. But the most familiar to us all, is the Victorian ankle boot. They could be either lace up or button up. Both could be historically accurate depending on when in the Victorian era you are aiming for. It comes down to personal preference.

One of the glorious things about steampunk is that it can be so open to interpretation. But what if you want something more authentic? Finding good quality Victorian shoes that aren’t going to hurt your feet while you walk around a convention all day can be quite the challenge.

American duchess make beautiful reproduction Victorian shoes. They have several styles that are based on real shoes worn in the Victorian era. These are quality, leather shoes that will give you that unmistakable Victorian look and feel while still stylish enough to be worn everyday.


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