What is Steampunk?


Steampunk is constantly changing, so that every time someone tries to define it, it simply gets better at defying definition. ~ Jeff Mach

Steampunk has its origins in the world of science fiction novels, with the likes of Jules Verne and H G Wells. But the term “Steampunk” was coined more recently. The writer K W Jeter in the 1980’s apparently used it in an email to describe the world in which he and his peers were writing. It was meant to be more of a pun on the genre of cyberpunk. Steampunk was a way to describe a world where steam was the energy and clockwork was the technology.

It has become so much more. The neo-victorian aesthetic has ignited the imagination and a whole subculture has grown out of these ideas of retro futurism. How it is defined is more of a matter of personal choice while remaining entrenched in a neo-Victorian style. Many people interested in Steampunk did not come to it by way of the literature but through their love and fascination of the anachronistic style born from it.

Now let your imagination take you on a journey to the past that never was…..